Is Laser Hair Removal Still Relevant?

The Biggest Contribution Of Laser Hair Removal To Humanity

I’m going to do today I’m going to split this video up into two halves so the first half of this video will be my actual laser hair removal journey because the beginning half of my laser hair removal like story was a big massive fail and then the second half of this video is going to be a bit of a where I answered some of the most common questions that I would get and all of the links and everything.

will be left in the info box below so just to give you guys some information I have had my whole body tasered obviously apart from the hair on my head my eyebrows and my eyelashes and also areas like my palms of my hands and the soles of my feet because hair doesn’t naturally grow there so those are the areas that I haven’t had tasered other than that I have had everything.

10 Clarifications On Laser Hair Removal

Removed so I first started off with getting IPL done IPL stands for intense pulsed light ND this is basically a machine where you’re applying kind of jelly to your skin and then this machine basically it’s light to your skin and it supposedly kills the hair follicles and it basically makes you hair freak now I had two sessions done and I did not see a difference in two sessions and I was just a bit like I do not want to waste my money getting the full six or eight sessions done when I’m not seeing results so I decided to been that I think I was around or when I first tried IPL but obviously.

It did not work for me and just on a bit of a side note if anyone is Asian or anyone who has dark pigmented hair on their body IPL is not necessarily the best laser for you it’s not the most effective laser and I know this because of my laser technician that I go to now she told me everything I needed to know about lasers I just wanted to make that away if anyone is thinking of getting IPL done and you have kind of Asian.