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The reason why it’s so effective once my treatment was always done she would always say to me don’t go to the gym don’t have any kind of hot showers or anything like that just let your body kind of cool down naturally before the next day about to hours you can shower and you’ve got to get back to your normal day-to-day life that is the general kind of process of getting laser hair removal done with her and I am just going to be really really honest.

with you guys and I want to let you know that in one treatment I noticed a difference my hair was visibly less and to me I was just like oh my god this is what I’ve been missing my whole entire life so it really really really did work and I could see it in one go and once I had my second treatment I was like even more shocked at the amount of hair that was growing so I had roughly nine sessions with I personally went to her whenever I started seeing hair so I would have my.

Treatment done and then obviously you know hair would grow and I would wait until I could see hairs on my body I would shave it all off and put myself in with her to have another full-body treatment you can do it that way or you can actually just go every six to eight weeks and just have like a robotic schedule that you stick to I was really fortunate to have her as my technician because she is really flexible and we were able to kind of work together and throughout my kind of laser hair removal journey I’ve noticed just such a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin as well it’s a lot more.

smoother I also noticed a massive difference getting my face laser because it also worked as a bit of a facial and it helped with any kind of like pigmented areas that I had on my skin it was kind of like lightening them things that I had to be careful of when I was getting my laser treatment was obviously to hours making sure I wasn’t aiming and taking hot.

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The Five Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Laser Hair Removal

You’re not going to see that many benefits of laser hair removal so that is the reason why those lasers did not work for my skin I did need a laser that was going to penetrate deep enough into my skin to really kill the follicle of hair I first met her she had a consultation with me she did a patch test on my neck just so that I could get used to the kind of feeling of the laser and also to see whether or not my skin reacted to it my skin was absolutely.

Fine and we booked myself in for a full-body treatment so before going in I had to make sure that I had no product on my skin so no perfumes no creams no moisturizers no cleansers nothing on my skin and I had to make sure that I shaved all the areas that I wanted and my hair removed from so obviously that was my whole entire body I’m going to include some clips of exactly what the laser process looks like depending on the areas that you want to have tasered.


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she will grid up your skin and she will work through every single grid that she’s made she’s very very thorough and she goes through all of the areas and all of the patches that you have on your skin that she’s griddle up and make sure everything is tasered so in one hand she would hold the laser which she’s actually tasering my skin and on the other hand she would hold a kind of tube which shoves like ice cold air conditioning air on you and that helps cool down your skin whilst the laser is obviously going away and burning all of your follicles so the laser that.

I get done with her is a very very strong laser that works on every single skin tone every hair color apart from white and red because those are the two colors that the laser scientifically cannot pick up the reason why this laser works so well is because it is strong enough to penetrate through the layers of your skin which is where your follicles are for your hair it’s going to zap that rather than sapping like layers above it which is not going to get to like the source of the hair and that’s.

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Actually talking to my laser technician now the kind of laser that I did have was more of an IPL treatment it wasn’t really a YANG laser that I thought in my head I was getting and it’s very unfortunate that I obviously had to go through that and lose a lot of money in time and traveling to get to her it was actually quite a stressful time because.

I was a bit like oh my god I can’t believe I’ve just wasted all of this – now have lighter hair and now I want to still get rid of it so anyways um that was the kind of second part of my laser hair removal journey coming forward to now so I actually get a laser called I’ve got it here it’s called the long pulsed laser but that is the laser that.

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I get done at the moment well I say I get done but I finished my treatment so and that’s the laser that I’ve got done to get to where I am now I’ve actually done a blog post on this on my blog which by the way is getting a bit of facelift very soon so please hold tight with me because I am going to be blogging more my laser technician her name is Tracy.

she really knows her stuff about lasers she has been in the industry for over years so when I say to you that she knows her stuff about lasers she really knows her stuff I drilled her hard when I first met her because I wanted to see results in one go he’s transformed my like body hair regime the reason why the laser that I got previous to this the sim-sold laser and the IPL treatments didn’t work for me is because a avian hair is very rough and tough like it wants just stay with it I’m sure there’s.

people out there who feel my pain but what it is is when the laser kind of hits your skin IPL and the laser that I had done previously they don’t penetrate like into the deep layers of the skin they only penetrate kind of on the top layers so you will notice a difference whilst you’re getting your treatment done but when it comes to long-term.

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The Latest Trend In Laser Hair Removal

Hair then I would really recommend you to do your research and try and find an alternative which may be a little bit more expensive but at least that way you know you’re going to get results in the long run so my next stage was trying a laser so yeah glazes are supposed to be more effective but what I didn’t know at this time was that there are loads of different types of lasers I was not aware I did not do my research I just went with people’s recommendations.

I just went for it I went to a lady in Birmingham here in the UK and I did a lot of treatments with her I spent over a thousand pounds with her but unfortunately I was miss sold that laser so this particular laser was actually a laser that just made your hair lighter so what was happening was I felt like my hair was decreasing on my arms and my legs everywhere but in actual fact the hairs that were growing were growing a lighter shade the kind of procedure.

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That I had going with that laser was to go with my hair grown so I would go with like hairy arms hairy leg and then she would go and zap away my skin and the hair would turn white and then almost flake off within like the next three or four days I’m sure of the exact laser name but if I do find it I will leave it in the info box below but after spending so much money with her something just clicked in my head like this is not right I’m spending so much money I am not really seeing that much difference.

But I almost wanted to feel like I was and I got the opinion of like my family and friends like you guys feel like my hair’s getting less and they were like well I haven’t really noticed much yeah it’s a little bit less and that’s where it kind of hit me I was like I need to stop going to her after being miss sold a laser I was on the hunt for someone who knew what they were doing and someone that could give me results so.

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I’m going to do today I’m going to split this video up into two halves so the first half of this video will be my actual laser hair removal journey because the beginning half of my laser hair removal like story was a big massive fail and then the second half of this video is going to be a bit of a where I answered some of the most common questions that I would get and all of the links and everything.

will be left in the info box below so just to give you guys some information I have had my whole body tasered obviously apart from the hair on my head my eyebrows and my eyelashes and also areas like my palms of my hands and the soles of my feet because hair doesn’t naturally grow there so those are the areas that I haven’t had tasered other than that I have had everything.

10 Clarifications On Laser Hair Removal

Removed so I first started off with getting IPL done IPL stands for intense pulsed light ND this is basically a machine where you’re applying kind of jelly to your skin and then this machine basically it’s light to your skin and it supposedly kills the hair follicles and it basically makes you hair freak now I had two sessions done and I did not see a difference in two sessions and I was just a bit like I do not want to waste my money getting the full six or eight sessions done when I’m not seeing results so I decided to been that I think I was around or when I first tried IPL but obviously.

It did not work for me and just on a bit of a side note if anyone is Asian or anyone who has dark pigmented hair on their body IPL is not necessarily the best laser for you it’s not the most effective laser and I know this because of my laser technician that I go to now she told me everything I needed to know about lasers I just wanted to make that away if anyone is thinking of getting IPL done and you have kind of Asian.

Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Laser Hair Removal

less yeah somebody it hurts more every time you oh no no no not hurtfulness that definitely dinner dessert last hair to go after let’s okay then I hope my legs do not hurt as bad me toot for an entire classicist so you’re tall yeah you gotta do your crotch Annie are you alright Annie oh yeah okay[Music]how many times people usually have to come back for their like middle airletter armpit we are two three what if something here’s one before their last treatment they.

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can keep this is like the Engels that you’re giving birth you know that no purpose really yeah and so now she’s seen my okay yeah Breadwinner I’ve given birth right in front other hey guys she’s getting her booty stepladder breath and let out yeah I am your laser whatever you say I know yeah yeah I believe you I’m scared to do that good thing I didn’t shave my lip inch eye I couldn’t I didn’t have time I was the one being really loud ain’t nothing but a JPEG babe I mean it hurts but it.

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was as bad as your hew-gait doesn’t hurt it really yeah y’all ready I’m wearing the green glasses now nothing dad eggplant free you know you can’t Hair Removal Thatcherism stuff I feel like when you think about it more hurt for really anything about them just think about it it’s gonna be wort-hit when you’ve no merits go in there bring enough one time I got mine done and there already was huge bald patches so imagine twice oh my god also the something happened to my armpits blurry like they weren’t even growing in places anymore yeah for one time you imagine you know two three times it’s going to be like not a lot of air there anymore she was Brett I told you the pits do her name we quickly get crashed up I don’t know I think I think you should do.

It because you made me do my leg sand I wasn’t going to do when you like no do you like doing so do you approach you forever never Byway wrong very did you get my laser it’s right maybe we go get my trailblazers it as bad as last time for your allegretto my god laser I was just gonna say that my legs are like sticking to my jeans a little bit because I still had little bit of that clear gel but right now you’re at Penn Station and we are going to eat some food it’s trash we the lemonade and make the fries of potato we’ve done oh my god they look so good I also got the lemonade fresh-squeezed.

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Especially in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum and this makes it an ideal shield against the sun’s harmful rays which is why you get a tan when you go out in the Sun that’s your body producing and releasing more melanin in the skin but the idea with laser hair removal is to get the melanin in dark hairs to absorb the laser light without the skin around it absorbing.

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Much of that energy so it actually works best if you have really dark hairs and light skin infrared lasers are commonly used because melanin absorbs in this part of the spectrum more than other common molecules in the skin like water hemoglobin red lasers at manometers are also often used for the same reason as the melanin absorbs the laser energy the hair heats.

Up to well over a hundred degrees Celsius causing it to burn and vaporizing the water it contains and this puffs the hair up little Laser Hair Removal bit like a Cheetos it’s that expanding water vapor looking closely at the shot you can actually see the bubbles on the hair from the vaporization of water but the objective’s not to destroy the hair it’s to actually use the hair to destroy.

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The germ cells in the follicle that produce the hair in the first place so it’s kind of like using the hair to kill the hair this image shows a cross-section of three hair follicles following a laser hair removal treatment the one in the middle contained little melanin and therefore show is no damage the other to show the hair shaft has been destroyed rupturing the inner root sheath and damaging the outer root chief cells suffered damage when their temperature rises above degrees Celsius this is because at that temperature the bonds in proteins and collagen molecules start breaking apart and that’s a process.

known as denaturation so the hotter iris and the longer that temperature is maintained the more denaturation occur sand the higher the likelihood that that cell will die now if you caused enough damage to the cells in the follicle that make the hair the hair will never grow back and that is the goal of laser hair removal this sequence of ultra short pulses issued to ensure that the heat doesn’t spread too far into the region surrounding the hair so the idea is the hair heats up damages the germ cells right next to it but then the laser light turns off before that heat can spread too much further and then you hit the.