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The Real Reason Behind Massage

I expected it to belie Raw on like bumpy and bread and peeling but like literally not what Expected at all I’m good to go so we are finished up at Laser vicious I highly recommend that if you guys want to do laser hair removal and you live in the Toronto area or around the are ahead to Betoken and go to maliciousness because that was it was we whereat the desk the front desk like booking.

our next session and I was talking about how like my back feels relaxed like I felt as my back was going to be like irritated and it’s actually relaxed right now I feel great so right now I’m going to swipe to the next video and it is going to be a progress video whoa now we’re one month later whoa that’s showtime travel works just kidding that clip was a month ago hey I wanted to show you guys what my results were days later so you guys can kind of see what one treatment does for you with laser hair removal.

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so these are the results that Had whoa before Massage┬áTherapist after so shocking whoa blown away um yeah so the two things that I wanted to talk about were first of all you guys are a notice whoa Michael you still have lower back hair if you guys can actually see the two pictures I do have less lower back herein the second picture and my lower back here was the hair on my back that I got first but I think I got that it when I was in like in the eighth grade when Is tarted to get hair on my lower back I’ve had it for a very long time.

so there is a lot of hair follicles that’s why I assumed was going to take the longest to go away with my last the hairs on my last that’s what I’ve been the most pleasantly surprised with so I’ve always had sort of like patches on my laughs and the hair is not like my lower back here where it’s sort of thinner and lighter it’s really dark and thick hair so it is quite noticeable bandit’s something that doesn’t make we’re not very good but it’s expected to soprano eyes Like to penalize you can’t feel razor.

much just like we’re on the very side of my back with the skin a little bit thinner and it’s closer to my bone baths I guess we’re a little hotter but it’s super comfortable it’s the internet you know you’re going to get flack for this right.