Is Laser Hair Removal The Most Trending Thing Now?

The Latest Trend In Laser Hair Removal

Hair then I would really recommend you to do your research and try and find an alternative which may be a little bit more expensive but at least that way you know you’re going to get results in the long run so my next stage was trying a laser so yeah glazes are supposed to be more effective but what I didn’t know at this time was that there are loads of different types of lasers I was not aware I did not do my research I just went with people’s recommendations.

I just went for it I went to a lady in Birmingham here in the UK and I did a lot of treatments with her I spent over a thousand pounds with her but unfortunately I was miss sold that laser so this particular laser was actually a laser that just made your hair lighter so what was happening was I felt like my hair was decreasing on my arms and my legs everywhere but in actual fact the hairs that were growing were growing a lighter shade the kind of procedure.

This Is Why Laser Hair Removal Is So Famous!

That I had going with that laser was to go with my hair grown so I would go with like hairy arms hairy leg and then she would go and zap away my skin and the hair would turn white and then almost flake off within like the next three or four days I’m sure of the exact laser name but if I do find it I will leave it in the info box below but after spending so much money with her something just clicked in my head like this is not right I’m spending so much money I am not really seeing that much difference.

But I almost wanted to feel like I was and I got the opinion of like my family and friends like you guys feel like my hair’s getting less and they were like well I haven’t really noticed much yeah it’s a little bit less and that’s where it kind of hit me I was like I need to stop going to her after being miss sold a laser I was on the hunt for someone who knew what they were doing and someone that could give me results so.