Seven Clarifications On Laser Hair Removal

The reason why it’s so effective once my treatment was always done she would always say to me don’t go to the gym don’t have any kind of hot showers or anything like that just let your body kind of cool down naturally before the next day about to hours you can shower and you’ve got to get back to your normal day-to-day life that is the general kind of process of getting laser hair removal done with her and I am just going to be really really honest.

with you guys and I want to let you know that in one treatment I noticed a difference my hair was visibly less and to me I was just like oh my god this is what I’ve been missing my whole entire life so it really really really did work and I could see it in one go and once I had my second treatment I was like even more shocked at the amount of hair that was growing so I had roughly nine sessions with I personally went to her whenever I started seeing hair so I would have my.

Treatment done and then obviously you know hair would grow and I would wait until I could see hairs on my body I would shave it all off and put myself in with her to have another full-body treatment you can do it that way or you can actually just go every six to eight weeks and just have like a robotic schedule that you stick to I was really fortunate to have her as my technician because she is really flexible and we were able to kind of work together and throughout my kind of laser hair removal journey I’ve noticed just such a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin as well it’s a lot more.

smoother I also noticed a massive difference getting my face laser because it also worked as a bit of a facial and it helped with any kind of like pigmented areas that I had on my skin it was kind of like lightening them things that I had to be careful of when I was getting my laser treatment was obviously to hours making sure I wasn’t aiming and taking hot.