The Shocking Revelation of Laser Hair Removal

15 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Laser Hair Removal Experience

Actually talking to my laser technician now the kind of laser that I did have was more of an IPL treatment it wasn’t really a YANG laser that I thought in my head I was getting and it’s very unfortunate that I obviously had to go through that and lose a lot of money in time and traveling to get to her it was actually quite a stressful time because.

I was a bit like oh my god I can’t believe I’ve just wasted all of this – now have lighter hair and now I want to still get rid of it so anyways um that was the kind of second part of my laser hair removal journey coming forward to now so I actually get a laser called I’ve got it here it’s called the long pulsed laser but that is the laser that.

Ten Awesome Things You Can Learn From Laser Hair Removal

I get done at the moment well I say I get done but I finished my treatment so and that’s the laser that I’ve got done to get to where I am now I’ve actually done a blog post on this on my blog which by the way is getting a bit of facelift very soon so please hold tight with me because I am going to be blogging more my laser technician her name is Tracy.

she really knows her stuff about lasers she has been in the industry for over years so when I say to you that she knows her stuff about lasers she really knows her stuff I drilled her hard when I first met her because I wanted to see results in one go he’s transformed my like body hair regime the reason why the laser that I got previous to this the sim-sold laser and the IPL treatments didn’t work for me is because a avian hair is very rough and tough like it wants just stay with it I’m sure there’s.

people out there who feel my pain but what it is is when the laser kind of hits your skin IPL and the laser that I had done previously they don’t penetrate like into the deep layers of the skin they only penetrate kind of on the top layers so you will notice a difference whilst you’re getting your treatment done but when it comes to long-term.