The Story Of Laser Hair Removal Has Just Gone Viral!

The Five Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Laser Hair Removal

You’re not going to see that many benefits of laser hair removal so that is the reason why those lasers did not work for my skin I did need a laser that was going to penetrate deep enough into my skin to really kill the follicle of hair I first met her she had a consultation with me she did a patch test on my neck just so that I could get used to the kind of feeling of the laser and also to see whether or not my skin reacted to it my skin was absolutely.

Fine and we booked myself in for a full-body treatment so before going in I had to make sure that I had no product on my skin so no perfumes no creams no moisturizers no cleansers nothing on my skin and I had to make sure that I shaved all the areas that I wanted and my hair removed from so obviously that was my whole entire body I’m going to include some clips of exactly what the laser process looks like depending on the areas that you want to have tasered.


What You Should Wear To Laser Hair Removal

she will grid up your skin and she will work through every single grid that she’s made she’s very very thorough and she goes through all of the areas and all of the patches that you have on your skin that she’s griddle up and make sure everything is tasered so in one hand she would hold the laser which she’s actually tasering my skin and on the other hand she would hold a kind of tube which shoves like ice cold air conditioning air on you and that helps cool down your skin whilst the laser is obviously going away and burning all of your follicles so the laser that.

I get done with her is a very very strong laser that works on every single skin tone every hair color apart from white and red because those are the two colors that the laser scientifically cannot pick up the reason why this laser works so well is because it is strong enough to penetrate through the layers of your skin which is where your follicles are for your hair it’s going to zap that rather than sapping like layers above it which is not going to get to like the source of the hair and that’s.

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